Hello there. My name is Samantha Allemann and I’m a Melbourne based freelance writer and editor.

I have been freelance writing since I was a teenager. In the 90s I wrote for my local newspaper about the issues facing youth—namely how to use electronic mail and remembering which pocket of your cargo pants you put your Tamagotchi in. At 16 I sourced a fake ID to get me into gigs, not so I could drink, but so I could diligently take notes about the show and submit my reviews to street press.

Seeing my name in print was intoxicating. I was accepted into RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course, and since then I have written for many print and online publications.

Having completed the Australian Writers’ Centre Copywriting Essentials course, I also work as a freelance copywriter. I’m the sub-editor of Pip Australian Permaculture magazine as well.

I’m curious about many things and love speaking to people about what they’re passionate about. I pride myself on my ability to work quickly while still producing quality work. I always meet my deadlines and offer speedy turnarounds; an ability my editors have praised me for.

When I’m not writing or editing, I am pottering about trying to live as green as can be. I can sometimes be heard on the 3RRR FM airwaves playing music and talking in my radio voice. I like to be around cats.

Lastly, a confession: I never got my pen license in school. I still don’t grip a pen correctly.

Photos by Kristina Kingston Photography & Sweet Natured Photography.