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Jeans for Justice (Audrey Daybook)

While shocking news reports can become part of everyday noise, flitting out of our minds, some stories stay with us. For TV stylist Debora Schultz, a chance viewing of a documentary on child sex slavery moved her to take action. “Being a mother, it just horrified me,” she says.

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Skye Kelly’s tiny homes (SPACES)

“If you build it, they will come” – is Field of Dreams your favourite movie?
Skye Kelly:
I have repeated that quote many times since the build, not because I love the film but because the quote resonates with me. I built the cabin without knowing it’s end use, because at the time I was consumed with the idea of just building it.

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How To Raise A Shy Child (WellBeing)

Hiding behind mum or dad’s legs, observing a game rather than joining in, avoiding eye contact with others, blushing when spoken to, talking in a whisper – these can be familiar observations of a shy child.

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Top ways to deal with chronic pain (The House of Wellness)

Chronic pain is a pain in the neck … or knees, or back, or hands. Are you struggling to get through the day, gritting your teeth, unsure if this agony will ever go away?

Here are some tips on how to deal with chronic pain to improve your quality of life.

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Creative Spaces (Audrey Daybook)

Many of us dream about working from home – sitting at our desk in our pyjamas, only having to commute down the hallway or garden path.

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The Original Plant Eaters (Daily Care)

The rise of vegetarianism and veganism in recent years has made it easier than ever to follow a plant-based diet. Tofu, tempeh and a whole bunch of milks that didn’t come from a cow are readily available at supermarkets, and even the most far-flung pubs and restaurants usually have at least one non-meat eating option.

With plant eaters being spoilt for choice these days, spare a thought for the original vegetarians, who couldn’t chuck a tub of Tofutti into their shopping basket or fry up a dish of mock meats.

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Breaking Bad Grammar (Pretty Neat)

The rules of the English language can seem as iron-clad as Margaret Thatcher. When we learn how to write, most of us are taught the ‘rules’ – a sentence must express a complete thought, it needs a punctuation mark at the end of it, it should never start with ‘and’ or ‘but’, etc.

But once you’ve left school, you can leave these rules behind.

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On Writing (Pretty Neat)

If you’re wanting to get better at this business of typing words and hoping they make sense, a.k.a improve your writing, your first stop should be your local library. Turns out they’re not just refuges for those sweltering days when you need aircon; they’re filled with books too.

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Swallowing Our History (Matters Journal)

It’s estimated that there are over 6,500 native food species in Australia – how many have you tried? You’ll probably get a chance to sample more, with the popularity of indigenous foods making it likely more will appear in restaurant menus and supermarkets in the future.

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Dancing Through Life: Lindy Wills (Audrey Daybook)

Lynette ‘Lindy’ Wills is one of Australia’s most accomplished ballerinas, but her 19-year career wasn’t sparked by visions of sugarplums. “I didn’t start ballet with the usual reason, of skipping around wanting to be a fairy,” says Lindy.

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