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Beat Ratio Goes Back To 1985 (Something You Said)

Gabriele Raciti, an Italian musician based in Melbourne, is Beat Ratio. Strictly abiding by a self-imposed rule of only creating what he can from using 80s equipment, Beat Ratio worships at the altar of the synth, 4-track and Commodore 64.

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With One Voice (Slow)

Soprano Tania de Jong AM recognises the power of the voice. The act of singing has been proven to make us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative, and Tania believes it is also fundamental in removing barriers between people.

Heartened by the growing popularity of community choirs but also concerned about the siloing nature of these groups, many of which are composed of individuals from similar backgrounds, Tania established With One Voice.

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Saint Gertrude Letterpress (Slow)

Meet Gordon. Born in England, he travelled to Melbourne to print facsimile editions of London newspapers for British expats. He spent 50 years printing those newspapers day-in, day-out. Gordon lived and breathed printing, having even been named after a publishing house. Sadly Gordon was made redundant when a newer model superseded him, and was tossed onto the scrapheap. Seven years ago he was rescued from a deceased estate by a young woman who breathed new life into him.  

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