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We are not alone: close encounters of an Australian kind (Daily Care)

Many of us spend our days hunched over our phones, peering down. But before we became glued to technology, we looked up, and what did we see? Birds, clouds…and UFOs. Here are three of the most notable UFO sightings in Australian history.

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BeeKeeper Parade (Peppermint)

Koky Saly keeps his promises. Searching for a way to fund his charity BabyTree Projects, Koky cottoned on to using discarded fabrics to make backpacks. The sales from BeeKeeper Parade bags go towards educating children in his native Cambodia – a cause his sister Sophia was passionate about. Before passing away from cervical cancer, Sophia asked Koky to continue to inspire change in the world; five years later, he’s continuing that mission and enjoying newfound fame thanks to a recent Humans In Melbourne post.

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