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Jeans for Justice (Audrey Daybook)

While shocking news reports can become part of everyday noise, flitting out of our minds, some stories stay with us. For TV stylist Debora Schultz, a chance viewing of a documentary on child sex slavery moved her to take action. “Being a mother, it just horrified me,” she says.

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Creative Spaces (Audrey Daybook)

Many of us dream about working from home – sitting at our desk in our pyjamas, only having to commute down the hallway or garden path.

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Dancing Through Life: Lindy Wills (Audrey Daybook)

Lynette ‘Lindy’ Wills is one of Australia’s most accomplished ballerinas, but her 19-year career wasn’t sparked by visions of sugarplums. “I didn’t start ballet with the usual reason, of skipping around wanting to be a fairy,” says Lindy.

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