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Mysterious markings

In 1980 in America’s Bible Belt, a toddler named James Luke had tumours all over his body. An IV insertion caused a linear scar on his neck, while a tumour behind his left eye blinded him and another behind his right ear was biopsied. Twelve years later, James’ mother Kathy had given birth to two healthy children and was welcoming another son. As well as being born blind in his left eye, with a cyst behind his right ear, her newborn son had a linear birthmark on his neck.

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We are not alone: close encounters of an Australian kind (Daily Care)

Many of us spend our days hunched over our phones, peering down. But before we became glued to technology, we looked up, and what did we see? Birds, clouds…and UFOs. Here are three of the most notable UFO sightings in Australian history.

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