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Guttural Yelling From A Hilltop Pagoda: Setting Up An NGO In A Developing Country (The Vocal)

Beware the dangers of hiking. “I blame the fresh countryside air for the start of this whole DevelopEd adventure,” jokes Chris Nguyen. On a hike with her partner Dennis Worrall and friend Mark Brown, the trio discussed the possibility of volunteering overseas. “That then quickly morphed into what our dream education-focused NGO would look like,” Chris recalls. 

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Captain Planet: Fearmonger Or Prophet? (The Vocal)

Climate change is at the forefront of our minds and political debates these days. This focus, while crucial, has somewhat diverted our attention from all of those other environmental issues us 90s kids grew up fearing thanks to our trusty green haired, blue-skinned friend Captain Planet.

So was the Captain and his devoted Planeteers being overly dramatic about the future of Planet Earth, or should we have taken greater heed?

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